Friday, April 27, 2012

Music of X: Muppets and more Muppets.

I've already talked about Coldplay's new album X&Y, so I thought it was time for something different.

Today, I present the Music of X. AKA: songs that are cracking me up today but don't start with the letter X.

1. The Muppets.
I love the Muppets. The Muppet Show, The Muppet movies, everything. I can't get enough of them. I cried like a little girl when Kermit sang "Rainbow Connection" during last year's movie. It was so perfect and transported me straight back to my living room where a 5 year old me watched the show to see what the grumpy old men would say next. This clip is only 52 seconds. I DARE you to watch without smiling...

2. Neil Diamond
True story time! Raise your hand if your dad let you load bullets when you were little. Anyone? No? I guess that was just us. There was a HUGE machine where my dad would load all the gunpowder and my brother and I were responsible for pushing/pulling this incredibly heavy lever down to seal the bullets shut. I miss my dad's old work room. But I remember seeing my very first 8-track and asking who Neil Diamond was. Fast forward almost 30 years, and at yet another funeral, we picked this song. You know what's hilarious? Hearing "We're coming to America... TODAY!" ring out at a funeral service. She would've loved it. :)

 (Seriously--how many funerals am I going to reference? You must all think I'm incredibly jinxed.)

3. Tiesto
Apparently, I'm becoming quite the fan of electronic/trance music. And I may or may not have a little crush on Tiesto. I have this overwhelming desire to go to a European festival to catch a live Tiesto show. I think standing around for hours and jumping up and down sounds like a BLAST, provided I'm wearing the right shoes. Just a hot, sweaty dance floor where all you can do is move with the beat. Alas, the ONE DAY blocked on my calendar this year is the ONE DAY Tiesto will be in Milwaukee for the party of all parties, SummerFest. Son of a...

Tell me your extra credit songs. What were you hoping to see this month? Do you love The Muppets, Neil Diamond, or Tiesto like I do?

Sorry--two more. I'm LOVING these Muppet videos! "See da moofin..."


  1. Replies
    1. It took us until the letter X, but you and I have FINALLY found some common musical ground! :)

  2. There was an X Files soundtrack called something like 'Songs in the Key of X.' I think it was decent but nothing particularly memorable.

  3. You know, i'm not that huge of a muppets fan. I don't know why. I mean, i enjoy them whenever i watch them, but i still haven't seen the new one yet (don't worry, it's on my queue)

    1. Does. Not. Compute.

      I'm guessing you were born in the 80s? (I'm not outing your age or anything, I'm merely guessing.) My friends who were born in the 80s couldn't get behind The Muppets or movies like E.T. It's like somehow, the 4 years btwn 1977-1981 makes a pop culture difference.

      Or, I'm just making that up.

    2. The theory fits with me: as an 80s child, I'm only vaguely familiar with the Muppets (though I don't really have anything against them).

    3. It depends on if you had any siblings that were into it. My younger brother and sister were born in that time frame but love the Muppets since their older siblings drove them crazy with it.

      And I'm raising my hand on making bullets for my dad. The joys of living with a hunter!

  4. Love the fun randomness of today's music selections. ;)

  5. What?!! No X music? Okay, they maybe only have one or two good songs, and they aren't even on my ipod, but they're the only X band I know. And the lead singer used to be married to Viggo Mortenson. I thought I'd just throw in that random bit of trivia. :))

  6. I'm huge on the Muppets, and who doesn't like Neil Diamond?

  7. I love the Muppets!

    How could you not link to their version of Bohemian Rhapsody?



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