Friday, April 20, 2012

Music of R: Resistance, Run, and Radiohead

Happy R Day, blog! We're so close to the finish line! Can you feel it?!

On to the Music of R!

1. "Resistance" by Muse
Why, hello again, Muse. Welcome back to the Challenge. Fancy seeing you here for the third (or is it 4th?) time. I must really like your music.

The drums set against the piano? The conspiracy-theory lyrics? The track, "Resistance" comes from the album, The Resistance. The whole album is pretty freaking amazing (go back to "E" for Exogenesis, also from this album) but there's something magical about seeing these live videos. I had the opportunity to sneak down to the floor but I didn't. I'm such a stupid rule-follower and look where it got me? Stuck in my seat when I could've just slipped beneath the railings and been one of the crazy fans jumping up and down by the stage.

Sigh. Muse, come back to Minnesota, please. Heck, come back to the midwest. I'll get there. Your show was SO INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING that I'll even drive to Chicago!

2. "Run" by Snow Patrol
I knew my A-Z tour through music wouldn't be complete without at least one Snow Patrol song. There are so many great songs to select from, but I chose "Run" from the album, Final Straw. The band reminds me of Damien Rice (look back at "N" for him!), or maybe that's because they're both Irish. I had the tune, "Just Say Yes" on my running playlist for a while, and I'm paying attention to their new album, Fallen Empires. The track, "This Isn't Everything You Are" is really good. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on my HM playlist in the coming weeks.

But, for the sake of the letter R, here's the video for "Run."

3. Radiohead's "Optimistic"
How do I describe Radiohead? I'm a fan of their music but get defensive of uber Radiohead fans who call Muse's frontman Matthew Bellamy a Thom Yorke rip-off. They might have a similar voice, but stylistically, I think they're totally different.

Anyway. I really like the track "Optimistic" from the Kid A album. These lyrics just about sum it up for me:

You can try the best you can / If you can try the best you can / The best you can is good enough...

Your turn! Tell me your R recommendations! Run! Recommend! Rant! Ruminate!


  1. oh, I really like that song by Snow Patrol. Damien Rice is one of my most favorites.

  2. I'm sure you already think my musical tastes are odd, so I won't even make a suggestion today.

  3. I love Snow Patrol!
    Happy A-Zing!

  4. Muse - yes! I'd have to say one of my favorite "R" songs is "Right Side of Wrong," by Bon Jovi.


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