Friday, April 13, 2012

Music of L: Lord of the Rings

TGIF, blogosphere. Today, I'm dedicating an entire letter to one album instead of three artists or songs. This album is my go-to writing music even though it's a bit too familiar and has sometimes pulled me out of the writing flow when certain songs come on. Overall, though, it's the perfect music to get me lost in my WIP world.

L is for The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King--The Complete Recordings. Yup, the entire soundtrack, both discs. All 53 tracks. No worries, I'm not posting all the videos here. Promise.

From the opening track, "Roots and Beginnings" to the creepy mega-spider track, "Shelob's Lair", Howard Shore truly put together an amazing album of music. Here are some of my favorite, though I'm not sure sometimes if it's the music that I like, or the part of the move it represents.

  1. "The Sacrifice of Faramir" (This might really be my favorite sub-plot in the movie. Faramir did everything for his father's love and it still wasn't enough.)
  2. "The Houses of Healing"
  3. "The Fellowship Reunited"
  4. "The Tomb of the Stewards"
Those are all very good selections, but there is one track that makes me stop writing and restart the track so I can hear the entire thing again. I think "The Lighting of the Beacons" is one of the more inspiring and stirring pieces of music in a movie. And yes, that even goes up against the Theme from Field of Dreams and some other truly amazing pieces of music.

So, here's that track. On the album, it's just over 9 minutes but here, this video is less than 3. I remember watching this in the theater and being BLOWN AWAY with the cinematography. Just how far apart were the two lands that it took through the night and until the next morning to get the message over to Gondor? Or does no one else think about things like this? 

How about you? What's your all-time favorite movie soundtrack? Do you own any of the LOTR movie soundtracks?


  1. We own all three although my wife is usually the one who listens to them.

  2. 53 TRACKS!!! I can see why you went with one today and not 5. :)

  3. Well, Minas Tirith was a pretty long way from Edoras, the starting and ending points of the beacons. Of course, that didn't happen in the books.

    Howard Shore's music was certainly one of the best parts of the movies. Almost redeeming parts of them.

  4. That's one of my favorite scenes in that movie. When I was at Conw(A)y castle in Wales, which is on the northern shore, you could see a tower about a mile or two away that was supposedly used to warn of a sea invasion. They would light a fire just like in the movie.

    As far as the soundtrack goes, I have to admit I usually take the music for those scenes for granted. I enjoy the drama they add though.

  5. oh man, I LOVE Faramir! I mean, i love Boromir too (even before he was cast as Sean Bean).

    Good luck on your run this weekend!!

  6. I love the Lighting of the Beacons too!!! Such a great scene from the movie, too. I also loved the theme from the Shire, and the song with Sarah Brightman singing - Shadows and Mist? Not sure of the name.

  7. Poor Faramir. He needs more love. :(

    Good sound track, though. Really, the whole movie was fantastic. Great post. Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  8. This is one of my favorite writing soundtracks! It dukes it out with the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack for the #1 slot. :)

  9. I didn't even know there was a sound track, much less 53 songs! Sometimes I don't even pay attention to the music but now I'm going to go back and pay attention!


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