NaNoWriMo Archive

During National Novel Writing Month 2011, a number of blogging friends participated in my Write What You NaNo blog fest. Here are the links to their bloggity genius.

Oct 24, 2011: You Have My Permission, by yours truly
Oct 25, 2011: NaNo From A Planner's Perspective, by Alicia Summers
Oct 26, 2011: The Audacity of NaNoWriMo, by Adrianne Russell
Oct 27, 2011: In Which I Thank NaNo, by Sarah Ahiers
Oct 28, 2011: The Truth About Municipal Liaisons, by Claudie A.

Oct 31, 2011: The Calm Before The Storm by me, again
Nov 1, 2011: Margo Berendsen
Nov 2, 2011: A (Maybe) Genius' Tips for NaNo, by Steph Sinkhorn
Nov 3, 2011: Sommer Leigh
Nov 4, 2011: NaNo Novels Can Rock!, by Alex J. Cavanaugh

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