Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music of C: Christina Perri, Civil Wars, and my favorite.

The letter "C" was tricky for me because I want to introduce two new(ish) artists. However, since they haven't been around THAT long, I don't have many memories associated with their songs and the ones that I do are from last fall when I was super sad. Who wants to go there again? Not this cookie.

1. Christina Perri
I first heard of Christina Perri on "So You Think You Can Dance" almost two years ago. My best friend and I watched the dance and instantly asked each other, "Who sings that?" It was such a hit that the producers brought Christina Perri in the next week to perform "Jar of Hearts" live. She was amazing. Her album "Lovestrong" is filled with some powerful songs, including The Lonely, which I've linked to below.

"Two am, where do I begin / Crying off my face again..." Yup, that about sums up last Aug/September for me. No worries. I'm better now. :)

2. The Civil Wars
About the same time I bought Christina Perri's album, I also heard this song. I couldn't figure out who sang it or where I could find it. I remember waiting for the song to end on the radio one morning when I was already late for work in hopes they would say the name of the song, or better yet, the artist. I scribbled down a note that said "Look up Poison and Wine" and the rest is history. The two artists who make up The Civil Wars have such amazing harmony with a dose of bluegrass that it makes me feel like maybe I could someday sing. Don't worry, I can't. But I like to think that if I someday was graced with the talent, I'd sound like them.

3. "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis
Listen, here's the deal. I heart Oasis. Big time. Straight up fangirl over here. I've seen them in concert at least four times and when Liam and Noel get over their current pissing contest (read: when they run out of money and need to make some ASAP) and get the band back together, I will gladly put the money down for floor seats. Until then, listen to the song that takes me back to my senior year in high school. And don't worry, there will be more Oasis throughout the month.

How about you? Any "C" artists or songs I need to know? To the comments!


  1. Oh. my. gosh on that second song, the harmonies and the vid production! Nice choice on your A-Z's! Nothing comes to mind for me to share-but will keep the eyes and ears peeled now.

  2. I TOTALLY remember that Christina Perri song on So You Think You Can Dance! How crazy is that?
    And Oasis's Wonderwall is one of my all time favorite songs EVAH

  3. I'd say Corrosion of Conformity, but I don't think that's your style...

  4. I'm not a fan of Christina Perri, but The Civil Wars, holy cow, they are amazing... thank you!!! now off to go listen to ALL their songs :)

  5. Oh wow, The Civil Wars! Poison and wine! Yes. :) Christina Perri also has a couple of great songs-to-write-to.

    I love these music posts. They make me want to go listen to all sorts of fantastic songs.

    1. P.S. One of the gals I knew in h.s. went on to be some sort of tour manager or promotions person for Oasis.

  6. Ooh, two new artists for me to check out. Already a fan of Oasis.

    Loving the music theme.

  7. Like the choices! Disapointed that there is no Coldplay in your choice for C but not sure if it's your style.

  8. Okay, you just gave me a new musical addiction I love that song by the Civil Wars!!! Will have to look up more by them.

  9. I hadn't heard Christina Perri before, but I really like that one. I have heard the Civil Wars before and really like them too.

    How about Cowboy Junkies for a group, Chely Wright for a solo artist, and Classical Gas for a song all starting with C?

    What a fun theme!

  10. Christina's beautiful! Great post! The Gallagher brothers just crack me up. If you ever get a chance to see an interview - watch it. Too funny!

  11. the Civil Wars song was amazing!

  12. The Civil Wars is on heavy rotation on my iPod. And I know people who used to get in fights about Oasis and if they were just Beatles knockoffs or if Blur was better - serious fights! I like them and you're right when the $$ runs out, I'm sure we'll hear from them again. :)


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