Monday, April 9, 2012

Music of H: Buckley, McKennitt, and some ELO

Hello, H. Nice to see you. What have we in store for today?

1. Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah
Yes, I know. This isn't a Buckley original. Yes, I know the original is from Leonard Cohen. But this is one of those unique situations where the cover is better than the original. Yes, that's my opinion. :) Any fans of the show West Wing out there? Do you remember the episode where they used this song? Or the Yo-Y Ma holiday episode? Man, that show was fracking brilliant. If you haven't ever watched it, do yourself a favor. 

2. "The Highway Man" by Loreena McKennitt
A beautiful and tragic love story set to an amazing score. But the real gem in this piece is Lorenna McKennitt's voice. She's often confused with Enya (whom you already met back in E), but this Canadian songstress is different. She's the musical equivalent of walking into an ethnic foods store where everything smells so strange and wonderful and the colors and vibe are unique and inspiring. At least, that's what she is to me. Hence, she's solidly queued in my writing playlist. The song is just over 10 minutes long, FYI.

3. "Hold on Tight" by Electric Light Orchestra
I saved the best for last today!
The chorus says it all: Hold on tight to your dreams. Listen. And dream.

Okay, bloggers. What say you? What H's did I miss?


  1. Haven't listened to Electric Light Orchestra in years...

  2. I finally know all three songs!

    And yeah, love Leonard Cohen, but Buckley's version is best. There's a great music blog of cover songs called Cover Lay Down, and here's what it says: "The vast majority of covers of this song are not truly Leonard Cohen covers, but covers of Jeff Buckley's particularly sparse, soaring version."

    It's the new standard, and still can't be beat.

  3. I like the Buckley version, as well as the many Cohen versions.

    Typical Yankees fan turning everything into a competition... :)

  4. Love Love LOVE! Loreena McKennit! I might have to listen to her today

  5. I'm a fan of every single song today! Thanks for being an awesome blog-o-sphere DJ. :)


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