My writing

2010 Nano
Working title: Fitzgerald's Quest

A middle grade story about 14 year old David Fitzgerald who moves with his mother from California to the west coast of Ireland to take over the family B&B. Before leaving for school, David learns he is the next Guardian, an honor passed down along paternal lines. The Guardian is responsible for solving the mysteries within the Book of Riddles to determine the location of the Fragments, eight pieces hidden around the world. David must hurry because if the Fragments fall into the wrong hands, evil will be free to spread across the globe. Armed with his roommate Ethan, the Sacred Trustees, and a peculiar owl, David races to solve the first riddle, keep up with his classes, and avoid the Boggarts who also seek the Fragments.

2009 Nano
Working title: Journey to Andryea

Summary coming soon.

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