Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z: Zombies and Zepplins


With the exception of a little Easter weekend snafu, I successfully completed the A-Z Blogging Challenge. How cool? (Yes, allow me a minute to soak it all up.)

I've met many new (and wickedly intelligent) people who have some incredibly insightful blogs. I know my writing will improve simply as a result of reading so many blogs written by people who truly love the craft of writing and in order to repay their kindness, I'm pointing my writer friends to these informative blogs every chance I get.

So, without further adieu, I leave you with an image from my favorite show Fringe, which happened to include zepplins and zombies in one of their recent episodes. (The screen shot is Peter hanging from the zepplin, safe from the zombies on the roof.)

And really, if you haven't watched Fringe, do yourself a favor one weekend and check out season 1 if only to watch Walter Bishop (aka John Noble, aka Lord Denethor).



  1. Congrats on your epic victory :-)

  2. Why thank you. I had some superhero Bransforumers to help hold my hand through the whole thing! ;)


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