Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q: A query, of sorts

I am afraid of the query process.

There. I said it.

Thankfully, I'm nowhere close to that step, so I can continue to sit here with my head in the sand and ignore it for a while longer.

I am, however, working on a query of my own. I'm putting the final touches on a proposal to my local writing center to teach a 2-day seminar on preparing for NaNoWriMo.

The proposal isn't due until Friday but holiday travel plans force me to submit my application tonight. This means I also have to clean up the first 10 pages of my 09 NaNo.

I need to work on that and get some blogs in the can for later in the week, but I feel guilty, like each blog is supposed to impart some great wisdom or witty thought. Talk about the pressure!

I hate to cut this one short, but duty calls. If I want the education panel to take my request seriously, I need to spend time polishing my writing.

I like to consider this my query trial. [Pleasepickme, pleasepickme...]


  1. Query is hard because it means rejection and who wants that? Mantra: Rejection comes before success, rejection comes before success...

  2. Wait, are you in MN? Which writing center? I'm just curious.
    I was always excited about querying. But the closer i get, the more nervous i become

  3. Sarah: I'm applying to teach at the Loft in Minneapolis.

    Karen: My thoughts exactly! But your mantra makes complete sense, scary as it may be!

  4. SWEET! I've never been to the Loft/ Open Book, even thoguh i drive past it often enough. It's one of the things i've been planning on rectifying by taking a class if i ever have some spare money.
    Shoot me an email if your proposal is accepted and i'll see if i can swing the class. NaNo is always up my alley


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