Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still playing around

Some of you may notice this is a new background. I won't lie. I've been looking for this background ever since I saw it a few months ago. Silly me, in my rush to make a blog, I never explored all of Blogger's options.

Lo and behold, there are images to choose from! How is a girl to choose between this and the library? Or the constellations? Or the galaxy?

It was tough, but this style won out. I think it's easier to read.

If you have any feedback, please share. If you don't like it one bit, I want to know that as well.



  1. It's fun playing with all the blogger templates. The important thing is to feel like your blog represents your personality or book or whatever vibe it is you're going for. I like it, and it is easy to read on. :)


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