Sunday, April 3, 2011

B: Brain food

I live in Minnesota where summer lasts for 12 weeks if you're lucky. This time is sandwiched by 4 weeks on either side by spring and fall, leaving the remaining 32 weeks as a brutal, windy, snowy winter.

32 weeks of a physical need to carb load. Pastas. Breads. Cookies. Muffins. Whatever you're making or baking, I'm eating.

The upside of these 32 weeks is that I spend more time on my writing here than I do during the summer. Why write when you can motor around the lake up in St. Joe on a pontoon boat with your bestie and a cooler full of beer? Seriously. Which would you rather do?

Okay, I'm getting off topic. Talking about the lake will do that to a girl...

After the holidays I try to keep my weekends clear of commitments so I can work on my writing. In preparation of a writing weekend, I head to the food store Friday to stock up. This usually involves a bag of Thomas' hearty whole grain bagels, a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese, a jar of Smuckers no sugar added raspberry preserves, strawberries, greek yogurt, bananas, graham crackers, and for dinner, pasta with fancy sauce. And of course, plenty of coffee with creamer.

I call this my brain food list. Stuff I need to have on hand for my writing days. I write upstairs but can come down to the kitchen and prep something from the list, and head back upstairs with a fresh cuppa joe and plate of goodies in my hands without missing a beat of my character or plot.

Friends of mine consume mad amounts of candy while writing. M&Ms, chocolate, cookies, jelly beans. Others live off of fruit and water only (that would kill me).

How about you? What foods do keep in the house for your dedicated writing days? Any other writing day "must haves" in your world?

Edit: I forgot to add the other things that B is for! D'oh!

B is also for
Yankee baseball. Happy Opening Weekend!
Battlestar Galactica. So say we all, right?
The Buckle - that store for 15-yr olds in the mall where I dropped $100 on a new pair of jeans. Yup, $100.
Barnes and Noble, where I'm headed this afternoon.
And buds, as in the new buds showing on my lilac bushes. C'mon, Spring! You can do it!


  1. I'm into crackers or beef sticks (although grossed out by what they're made of) with peanut butter. I live in NE now and drink lots of water to stay hydrated (the effects of 90 and 100 degree summers), but also enjoy my coffee.
    What part of MN are you from? I grew up in Pine County, I left a couple years ago for college.

  2. Hi, M.E.! I'm smack in the heart of the Twin Cities and am quite pleased to report that almost all the snow has melted! I can't do beef sticks exactly for the same reason you listed. I once looked at the ingredients and the sodium and said no thanks. But I forgot about cheese and crackers--I usually keep those on hand as well.

  3. Have you ever been to the Festival of Nations? I used to go with my family, but since I live in NE I haven't been able to go.

  4. A cup of coffee and the laptop is like snuggly pjs and a snow day.perfect combo.

  5. Barnes & Noble, yes! And I love lilacs. I miss the smell of them. We don't have them around here in Texas. I pressed lilacs between the pages of one of my books a long long time ago and I can still smell them when I open the book.

  6. J-Woww doesn't know her own name - it's TWO double-yoos.

    I dropped mad money at Borders this weekend since everything was 50-75% off because they're closing. I might go back and get a bookcase (for real, they are selling them for $80).

    I don't have dedicated writing days. The last time that I wrote was in 2009 for Nano. I decided to do an autobiography of my life and chickend out once I started drudging up too many memories.

    I was just talking to Eddie about starting again though. It seems that all of my ideas are taken (or, maybe I'm just projecting the movies and books I read - I prefer to blame it on someone else though).

    We shall see. However, when I was at Uni, and I did write (because English majors do a lot of that), I would have on hand the following:

    Turkey sandwiches

    And, if we're being honest for a second (which we are), the numbers for a few delivery joints when I inevitably needed pizza. Because pizza is vital - just like breathing. But, note to self here, if you have pizza, you need papertowels. Greasy keys are a no-go.


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