Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K? Knives!

Um, okay. Let's see, words that start with the letter k...

Kale? Nah. Yuck.
Kraken? Oh, I like some good monsters!
Kickboxing? Love it but not sure anyone else gives a damn.
Kindle? I want. And I'm guessing others will use this term as well.
Knaves? No, I just like the word.
Knife? Hmm...

Okay. Let's go with knives. Swiss army to machetes, we've got knives!

Since I'm still in dystopia land, I've been thinking about what sort of stuff needs to go into my Apocalypse Survival kit. Duct tape. Rope. Ammo. Rollerball gel pens. Refills for my pens. Countless journals. Fluoride tablets. Matches. Batteries. Maybe a little indulgence like a small photo album.

What else? What am I missing? Oh! A can opener. A plastic Ziploc bag for my pens and journal wouldn't be a bad idea.

I bet a blanket would be handy. And bottled water. Assuming my AS kit will be the size of one of the big totes they sell at Target, what else would fit?

Man, I don't know. I might need two AS kits. Seriously, I would need that much space if not more.

What would you put in your Apocalypse Survival kit? 


  1. It depends on the type of apocalypse. I'd need to know exactly how much room I have. I'd definitely include a flashlight that you can crank to use (to avoid packing batteries), I'd need my phone (it has access to the internet which will never fall), my dogs (what? they can fit in a box), underwear (because it's fun-da-wear), a bra (I can't stand seeing women without them), okay, clothing in general, swiss army knife, a gun or ten, our vehicles, my house...wait, I get a spaceship, right? Okay good. Then, I'd also need Channing Tatum, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Julia Stiles...and more. But, right now, I have to go answer the phone.

  2. Kickboxing? I can't speak for anyone else, but I know Lloyd Dobler gives a damn. Sport of the future.

    As for my apocalypse survival kit, I'd pack heat. After all, when the pollution blocks out the sun it's gonna get mighty cold. I'd also pack a punch (good luck finding clean water) and pack animals (dogs are great security against attacks), but mostly I'd try to pack light (with the cloud cover and no electricity, darkness will reign). Okay, I'll stop now.

  3. Lindsay--Julia Stiles is in your AS kit? Really? LOL Maybe there will be a follow-up blog on who you would pick for your Apocalypse Survival TEAM. But even then, I'm not sure I'd want Stiles or Stewart on my side. :)

    @Nate, nicely done. Pack a punch... *shakes head*

  4. I would pack a book like "When all hell breaks lose" by Cody Lundin because there are lots of great tips in there that will help me when I don't have things that would be useful. Depending on the event that caused the apocalypse, I'd make sure to have a weapon that is not ammo based, some clothes, a small sewing kit, rubbing alcohol if I could fit it, and as many lighters and matches as I could stock up on. I would also pack my book on Nebraska gardening and a few packet of seeds I keep in my kitchen in case I needed to hole up somewhere for a long time. I'd also pack as many tampons as I could fit too, because while I'm pretty sure I could make do without a lot of things, I don't want to make do without those :-)

    I wrote a guest blog post a while back on Margo's Urban psychopomp blog about how urban areas are a death trap during the apocalypse because there are no water sources in cities.

  5. If you're ever making another alphabetical list and you need assistance with the letter "K", I hear Karen is a very interesting person. But that's just an idea.

    And Linds, how will Robert Pattinson be of assistance to you in an apocalypse??? I can see the usefulness of Julia and Channing, but Robert and Kristen?


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