Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What If?

Well, now I did it. I pulled the trigger on a big trip.

Not just a long weekend, but 9 days alone in Ireland to explore the far reaches of the northwest.

This trip will likely cost a little too much money. And maybe it was a bit reactionary. And yeah, I'm scared as hell that I'm spending all this time and money to go somewhere drastically far away to find something within me and that I might come back as emotionally lost and confused as I am now.

But What If...

What If I go and ignore my fears?
What If I park myself on a rock overlooking the Atlantic Ocean without another soul in sight, and write? Or laugh? Or cry? Or do it all at once?
What If I'm lonely?
What If I need my friends or someone to talk to and share my adventures with?
What If I want to stay and never look back?

What If 9 days in Ireland is exactly what my soul needs to remind myself that once I get out of my own way, anything is possible?

And what if it's awesome?

Okay, yes, I am perhaps a bit too ambitious because this lovely 9 day extravaganza just happens to be in November, when I'm supposed to be furiously writing for my life. But who likes to find a challenge and then up the ante? This girl.

I'm planning on 3 nights in Donegal and another night or two in Sligo/Yeats country. (C'mon, inspiration! Don't fail me now!) The other nights will be on a wing and a prayer, ending wherever the road takes me.

I'm eager to check out the NaNoWriMo threads to see if there are any writing groups in Donegal. I realize it's a stretch, but again--What If?

If anyone know of bloggers or writers on the northwest coast of Ireland, please let me know. I know getting my story written while relaxing on vacation will be a struggle. I'd love to find fellow writers, if only for an afternoon of camaraderie!

In the meantime, it's back to the WIP outline and character sketches. I have 5 weeks from today (holycrapfreakout) to get my story as prepared as possible so when I'm sitting in the airport or kickin' back in my not-so-comfy coach seat in my metal chariot in the sky, I will have my story map ready to tackle.


  1. Re: my most recent post - haha wouldn't that be the life. I'll keep you up to date though, obviously. :-)

    Comments on your post:
    AMAZING! I'm so happy for you that I started to tear up. There is so much more out there than the simple closed life we live here in the US. I can't wait for your adventure to begin. But you are right - IN NOVEMBER??!?! you are nuts.

    I hope you never come back, not because I don't want you back here, but because I want you to adventure and find your happy place.

    Best of Luck.

    ...oh and see you tonight.

  2. Well, I'm planning a trip to Atlanta this November. Not as far, but with the incredible folks (Atlanta MLs and Wrimos) waiting for me there, Just As Awesome!

    I'm so happy for you, TL! I don't doubt this'll be a blast. I did something very similar with Newfoundland two years ago, and it helped me so much. Go forth and be wild!

    (As for a Wrimo Meet, it's not as unlikely as you think. There's some of us scattered all over the globe :D)

  3. I'm in desperate need of a vacation like that right now.

    Have fun! Ireland will be amazing! Relax, enjoy, discover!

  4. EEEEEEEPPPP! fun! My BFF and I finally solidified our trip to Europe for next May! We'll be spending 5 days in Ireland, though not the north (Shannon to Dublin via a southern route). I'm excited! I also think we might die - we're going to be driving in Ireland. lol

    I can't wait to see what kind of awesome inspiration you gain from your time in Ireland and how that's reflected in your writing. I'm sure it will be incredible!

  5. OMG! I just did the same thing! I just bought tickets for a twelve day trip to England, Scotland, and Wales (setting for my novel). Only I'm going at the end of March. Google maps can only take you so far, you know?

    Have a great time. Forget the guilt. The inspiration gained will far outweigh that credit card bill (hoping, hoping, hoping). :)

  6. 9 days in Ireland? Of course it will be awesome! And I'm terribly jealous. ;)

  7. I completely admire your bravery! I know that I would probably be too much of a chicken sh*t to do something so adventurous - so bravo to you for your big-ass cajones! You seriously superhero, rock!!! :-)

    Have an awesome, awesome trip!

  8. It's so close!! And I'm jealous of your 9 days in Ireland. Don't do too much writing. Get out there and explore!! Then bring back pictures, so I'll be more jealous. ;)

  9. Thank you I appreciate it. I'll add it to the blog. :-)

  10. dude, it's going to be awesome. Straight up.

  11. So, I always click on your blog in the mornings while I'm at work to see if you've updated and now that I've seen this a few days in a row, the following song pops into my head:


    "What if God were one of us, just a slob like one of us, a stranger on a bus, tryin' to make his way home..."

    *end flashback*

    I just wanted you to get it stuck in your head as well.

    Love you. And you already know how I'm peeing my pants over this trip. OH! Can you do another picture in front of that same mountain thingy that you climbed last time? That would be epic.

  12. One of the most life-transforming things I ever did was drop *everything* on 10 days notice and head to southern England (for 6 months). Best stupid decision I ever acted on.

    Leave your expectations and fears behind, and I think it will be the trip of a lifetime.

  13. @Claudie--you were right! I found a Northwest Ireland NaNo group and have already emailed the ML. Thanks for the tip!

    @Cookie--then take one! Go! Explore! Discover!

    @Zeke--I can't WAIT to hear about your trip next year. I have a feeling you're going to come home w/all sorts of stories!

    @LG! 12 days! Sounds divine! I hope it's amazing to see things in "real-D" instead of Google maps!

    @Sarah--you and Cookie--you both should take vacays, STAT!

    @Kirsten--don't be fooled, I'm still a chickesh*t, I just realized if I told everyone about it, then I *have* to do it.

    @Hannah--there *will* be pics, promise. I'm excited to know I already have a blog topic lined up for when I get back! :)

    @Sarah A--here's hoping...

    @Lindsay--I was going to take another pic in front of Croagh Patrick, but now that you put that damn song in my head, I might not. ;)

    @Margo--SIX MONTHS? Dang, you know how to live big. That must have been terrifying and incredibly rewarding all at once. I am so impressed...

  14. Okay, that trip has "faneffingtastic" written all over it. I'm boiling over with jealousy but SOOO happy that you've completely given in to your adventurous spirit.

  15. I love Ireland, it's so awesome! I follow a fellow writer on Twitter who lives in Dublin-Louise Phillips @120Socks. Maybe she has info??

  16. Hey hey hey! Don't be mean.

    BUT! I was just trolling YouTube and watching XFactorUK because...I used to love that when I lived over there. So, anyway, I was watching and there's this girl called Janet Devlin who's from Gortin, Northern Ireland. Apparently it's a pretty small town (Wikipedia says 360ish people). I don't really know why I felt compelled to tell you that, but I did.


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