Monday, May 30, 2011

Versatile, me?

Oh, happy weekend surprise! Jen over at Jen's Bookshelf gave me a Versatile Blogger award! Thank you, Jen. I hope my blogs continue to warrant such an award!

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. (Thanks again, Jen!)  
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 0 - 100 deserving blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Seven random facts? Let's see...
1. I try to reread the Harry Potter series every summer.

2. I try to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy every winter (and usually more often than that).

3. I'm a huge fan of the New York Yankees and I enjoy movies about baseball, especially Field of Dreams.

4. I wrote my master's thesis on the use of fear appeals to promote behavior change in teens, specifically related to drug abuse. Think of the "This is your brain on drugs" campaign. General question: can you scare teenagers into changing their behavior? Or do communicators run the risk of missing the "sweet spot" and creating communications that are so scary they either turn humorous (Brain on drugs campaign) or scare people into inaction (common among smokers who think they'll already die of lung cancer, so why quit now?)

5. I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee, pad thai, and chocolate chip cookies. I suppose I should also add Grain Belt Nordeast and Strongbow to that list.

6. I'm writing this while watching Serenity for the umpteenth time. You can't stop the signal, Mal...

7. My favorite animal is an elephant. I will go to Africa on safari and see them live in their habitat, not in a zoo. And I'll try not to cry, but no promises.

I am passing on this blogging award to two bloggers whose posts make me laugh, think, and continually strive to better my writing.

Claudie A is a writer scientist. While she has authored many cool blogs of her own and on her joint site, Wicked & Tricksy, I love her latest endeavor. Claudie is working on a series of posts on great (overlooked) women in science. Check out her latest post on Rosalind Franklin!

If I had a blogging twin, it would be Erik Setterlind. He's a writer runner who's been known to blog about both topics, which immediately got my attention. But it's his newest writing journey that I find most compelling. Erik recently put his current event fiction piece, Rapture Dinner Party, online for sale. You can read more about his new short story, here.


  1. Congratulations. Well deserved. I love elephants too, and I'm so jealous. My sister is going to Africa this summer.

  2. Aaw, Elephants are awesome. Thanks for the blog award! Now I just *have* to line up the next scientist woman post for next week, eh?

  3. Thanks for the shout-out TL! (I'm still having issues commenting under my Blogger login. Grrrr.)


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