Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's the worst that can happen?

Four days.
My hope
Less than 100 hours.
Four sleeps away.

My very first half marathon is this Sunday. I'm ready. (I'm ready, right? RIGHT? For the love of all things holy, someone tell me I'm ready!!!)

I can do this. Thirteen miles of running and walking if/when necessary. It's only 13 miles. I should be done in 2.5 hours. Oh, who am I kidding? More like 2 hours and 45 minutes, but still, I'll finish it.

This running thing has taken a huge chunk of mental energy, something I wasn't aware of when I first signed up. I mean, I figured I'd have to train --no one just runs a HM without some form of training. But I wasn't aware of how much it would occupy my mind, especially this week.

I lay in bed before I fall asleep and work on visualizing myself crossing the finish line. Apparently, that's supposed to make it easier to reach my goal. I've tried to visualize myself as a NYTimes Bestseller too, but so far no luck.

My fear
As I prepare for this weekend ahead, my subconscious has done everything it can to work against me. Binge eating. Binge drinking. (What? Don't judge, I'm a writer.) Negative thoughts, you get the idea.

But really, what's the worst that can happen? Being a creative type, trust me when I tell you I've come up with some doozies.

You tell me: Pretend your very first half marathon is this Sunday. What's the worst that can happen?


  1. Creative thinking probably isn't your best friend at this point :). One foot in front of the other and don't let your head get in the way. That's what I'd aim for.

  2. Hektor, you're quite right. I have visions of crying and crawling my way over the finish line in some last desperate act of bravery (read: stupidity). Alas, I have plenty of hip-hop tunes (Lord help me) to keep my feet moving. At least, that's the plan!

  3. You could become Paula Radcliff, the woman who, when faced between breaking the world's fastest time for any woman in history for a marathon OR satisfying her now very-urgent need to poop... chose to do both, did the latter in public (in front of cameras and millions of viewers), thus saving enough time to beat the world's record. (Is that clear? If it isn't, look her up.)

    But, y'know, I think you can afford the time to find a public bathroom, and that everything will go well. ;)

  4. OMG, Claudie. I just had to look her up. HA! Oh, that poor, poor woman. No worries on that front. Well, at least there weren't any worries until now. (Note to self: give pre-race brekkie an extra hour...)

  5. Oh, Claudie. :O

    I kind of believe that visualization stuff works (for running and for writing). Get into the zone and you'll do great. Good luck.

  6. LOL. Hektor said it. Avoid the creative thinking and stick with the positive thinking.

    (Rarely should you ask a bunch of writers abut the worst that could happen! We aspire to being professional torturers/vengeful gods.)

    Hip hop? What are you listening to? Yes, I know I'm a middle-aged female yuppie, but I can think of a handful of hip hop artists I like.

  7. Oh, Claudie... I can't decide if that's dedication or complete madness!

    TL, don't do that! That way, whatever happens, you can say, "Well, at least I didn't sh*t myself in public."

  8. LG, I've heard that visualizing your dreams helps make them come true and considering the act of visualizing is free and somewhat easy, I'm giving it a shot!

    Margo, my play list is embarrassing for adults over a certain age. I'm pretty sure teenagers would agree. Yet, while she still insists on spelling her name with a currency symbol, Ke$sha makes music that I can run to.

    Jen, I see a screen printed shirt in my future! :)

  9. The worst that could happen? Having to listen to Ke$ha for 13.1 miles. But that's just me. Whatever puts that extra bounce in your step, use it. Good luck!

  10. I see another post in my future that shares my entire play list lest my blogosphere buddies oust me for my poor music tastes!

    The list also includes Metallica, ELO, and the AWESOME mash up album by Girl Talk called All Day. I'd put AC/DC on there, but they haven't given in to the iTunes revolution yet, much to my dismay...

  11. A shirt like that would be hilarious.

  12. I used to run competitively, and positive thinking is definitely the name of the game. If you think "worst case scenario", you'll psych yourself out. Best of luck-- I'm sure you'll do great.

  13. I think Claudie kinda topped the "worst that could happen race"...

    Hey, congrats though on running a half marathon. I've always fantasized about running a marathon, but I'm inherently

  14. You'll be fine. I've ran a few half marathons and it's completely normal to be extraordinarily nervous before your first one. If you've done your training, you'll be okay. I promise. Walk when you need to, drink the sports drink they offer, you'll need the calories. It's after the race you need to worry about. Be sure to eat something, walk a little, stretch, ice your legs or take a cold shower and if your body is good with milk, drink some chocolate milk w/in a half hour of the race finishing (protein and carbs (sugar in the milk) will help your body heal). And most of all, ENJOY IT! You've worked hard to achieve this goal. STRUT across the finish line. :)

  15. Oh, and worst thing that can happen besides injuries, you can get passed by a 70 year old. It's happened to me before. Let's not talk about it.

  16. Alas, no 70 yr olds passed me--they were already wrapped in their space blankets. :)

    Immediate post-race food? A brat and 2 beers. I couldn't do the beers, especially at 10:30 in the morning, but I had no trouble with the brat. :)


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