Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Wicked this way comes...


So, if you haven't heard, a new blog goes live today!

Wicked & Tricksy is a blog for writers by four aspiring speculative fiction writers. For writers, by writers. Awesomesauce, right?

So imagine my girlish squeal of excitement when I tried the web site last night... AND IT WAS UP AND RUNNING! Okay, while I bet the content gods were still working out a kink or two, the Google Follower widget was up. What was I going to do--let it sit there until today? Heck no! I became a follower. One. Day. Early.


While being the 2nd follower EVER might sound silly, I think it's super exciting. See, I've been reading about this new site for a few days now and have been patiently waiting for it to go live. Wicked & Tricksy is more than just a blog about writing. It's like an online clubhouse for speculative fiction writers to meet, chat, learn, experiment, and interact.

Wicked & Tricksy is the brain child of four writers: Sommer Leigh, SB Stewart-Laing, Margo Lerwill, and Claudie A., four friends who met on Nathan Bransford's forums. This week is Community Launch week and if you sign up, you can even get a free Wicked & Tricksy bookmark between May 9-20!

Okay, so there's a ton of great stuff on the site, but my current fave? The shadow avatars for each of the authors. Super cool. Yeah, I'm diggin' this new clubhouse.

Stop by this week, get your free bookmark, and make some new friends!


  1. "Yeah, I'm diggin' this new clubhouse."

    LOL. Too perfect. I'm calling it the clubhouse from now on.

  2. Margo, it's absolutely a clubhouse. Complete with badges (read: free bookmarks)!

    Thanks for building this place where we all can come play!

  3. I'm calling it a clubhouse too!!! We should have just hired you to come handle our marketing :-)

    And technically you were totally the first follower. I was only the first follower because I had just tested it probably seconds before you had clicked "Follow." When I saw you'd followed us, it was then I realized our site had gone live early. So I moved my post up to match.

  4. Mwuhahahaha! I had an affect (effect? I never remember) on Wicked & Tricksy! SCORE!!

  5. I shall definitely check that out! Thanks!!

  6. I just found out about Wicked and Tricksey myself and I found I keep going back to see what's been posted. It's a cool site.

  7. Hannah, Libby! Get thee over there, toute suite and check it out! I love how the comments evolve into side conversations. I have good juju vibes about this site. Like you, Libby, I keep going back to se what else people have added. :)


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