Monday, December 5, 2011

So now what?

I'm experiencing a post-Ireland, post-Thanksgiving, post-mom visit, post-NaNo hangover. Anyone else in the same boat?

As promised (to myself), I had a beautiful weekend. I caught up on some shows, started reading Beth Revis' Across the Universe, picked out and hauled in BY MYSELF my very own Christmas tree, fixed my garage door, shoveled, and baked two banana breads. I also made Watergate salad. Why didn't anyone tell me how delicious pistachio pudding, cool whip, marshmallows, and pineapple were? OMG!

Unfortunately, I also paid $200 for the honor of someone to come and fix my washing machine. You'd think for $200 they'd at least make it look like a significant fix. Nope, he walked in with a small, plastic bag no more than 2x3 inches. Though on principle I refuse to go to my local hardware store to verify, my gut tells me the piece was $5 or $7 bucks and I got hosed.

Anyway, all of that has nothing to do with writing. To be honest, I'm not sure what writing project to work on next. My NaNo story still needs an ending and I really do want to know what happens to my characters. (Yes I'm a plotter and yes, there's a quasi-outline, but I've been going off script lately.) And I have plans to swap NaNos with my writing group in January, so I really do need to polish it before then.

On the other hand, I have my 2010 NaNo that I'm really eager to pick up. It has been waiting patiently in the back of my mind through all of November and now that we're into a new month, it's getting a little insistent. The book is a middle grade adventure story that I think could be really amazing with some more dedication on my behalf. A lot more.

Decisions, decisions. I would also like to take a bit of a breather from writing and actually read, but reading hasn't really been the same for me ever since I started taking my writing more seriously. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, how'd you get around it? Because I have a TON of books that I want to read!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and if you have any advice for my post-November hangover, I'm all ears!


  1. Just slip right into the Christmas spirit and you'll feel better!
    And I'm beat just reading all of this...

  2. I know what you mean regarding having trouble reading now that you've been writing your own stories. I find I see the words more than I used to, and can be more thrown off by weird shifts in character or plot.

    But I also find that if I can push through the first couple dozen pages and get invested in the story I usually stop seeing all that and can revert to just being a reader again. Perhaps it's a semi-conscious decision to turn that part of my brain off and enjoy the story for the story; I can't say. It helps to have a really awesome story to get lost in. Maybe try re-reading some of your catch-you-up-and-sweep-you-along favourites.

    As for the rest of it, good luck! I'd probably finish off the NaNo, particularly if I was planning on sending it out in a month or two, but I think you should go with whatever's calling to you the strongest.

  3. My favorite writing break activity is reading! It gives me some down time, I discover new characters and stories I love, and learn from other authors in the process. Plus, reading and day-dreaming are some of my best sources of inspiration, so it might help you discover your next idea too!

  4. Congrats on finishing NaNo, such a great accomplishment. And you sound super busy, reading would definitely be a welcome break methinks.

  5. After I finished NaNo, I took a week off from writing (except blog posts)and just read. It really helped me to recharge :)

  6. the reading comes and goes for me, now that i'm serious about writing. I find that excellent books will still suck me in, but now the good, or mediocre books take a little more effort to lose myself in.
    How are you liking across the universe? I enjoyed it well enough.
    And look at you shoveling like a proper minnesotan. We only shovel our driveway if there's like a storm or something. Stupid last year forved us to shovel 3 times. The nerve!

  7. I'm trying to take a reading break in Dec, but I'm already getting twitchy to start working on writing something again. :-\


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