Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 in books. And 2012.

(Totally off-topic, but were any of you following along on the Baker's Dozen agent request frenzy over at Miss Snark's First Victim? SO FASCINATING. If you want to know more, check out the blog! Anyway, on to my post...)

Hi, my name is Tricia/TL. And I have a confession to make. (Here's where you say, "Hi, Trish.")

I did a horrible job of reading books this year. *hands over I wanna be a writer card* I know, I know. That's like rule number one: Writers read other writers. This is super important and I had great intentions, I really did. Look up there, do you see the link for my 2011 books read? Check it out. I was golden back in winter/spring!

But then the snow melted and the pavement called. Instead of reading or writing, I was running. I was playing. I met with my crit group. I soaked up sunshine like it was my last summer on Earth. I got out of my house. I tried new things, met new people. But didn't really pick up a book for a solid three or four months and when I did, it was Game of Freakin' Thrones! *head desk*

This is why Caitlin Nicoll's 2012 reading challenge over at Logically is perfect for me! Caitlin is challenging everyone (yes, that includes YOU!) to either a Science Fiction challenge (read about it here) or Fantasy challenge (read about that one here).

Um, Cait? HOW IS A GIRL TO CHOOSE? I thought 30 books this year would be a great goal, just over 2 books a month. Should be completely doable. However, in order to improve upon my dismal track record in either category, I'm signing up for 15 in each one.

So, for the Sci Fi challenge, I'm signing up as an Alien Cyborg (awesome. You shall now refer to me as Six). And for the Fantasy challenge, I'm signing up as a Vampire Slayer (my new official name is now Buffy Six. I win the internet.).

We can sign up with a Goodreads account but I'm going to hold off on that. For now. You see, if I introduce one more form of social networking into my life, my head will explode. Or I will be laid off. Or both. I'm still getting a hang of Twitter. And when I say "getting a hang of," you know I mean "obsessively playing," right?

How about you? What are your reading goals for 2012? Are you participating in any reading challenges? Any books you know off the top of your head that you *have to* read next year? Please share your recommendations!


  1. Hah! George R.R. Martin is exactly why I've read so few books this year. I read the first three last year, but the last two have taken much longer. And I'm still reading A Dance with Dragons.

  2. I've read so many books this year I don't think I"ll ever be able to beat that number unless I do Cybils again next year.

    I love Caitlin's reading challenges! I also love that you're splitting your time between the two. Smart thinking.

  3. I'm such a slow novel reader anymore (I think because I study as I read). I used to read more when I wasn't writing so much, but now I MAYBE read three books a month. And those George RR Martin books count as four each they're so darn long!!

  4. BUFFY SIX??!!?

    Yes! I'm gonna have to think of a nifty name now. *ponders*

  5. In 2011, I set a goal for myself to read 100 books in one year. And I succeeded! I'm thinking I'll try to do the same in 2012. I've noticed a significant improvement in my writing over the course of this year!

  6. Matt and LG--GoT *have* to count as at least two books. At least. Maybe three. Either way, I have no strong desire to read the 2nd book. Nor do I anticipate having another 3 months with nothing better to do...

    Sommer--you win the prize for Most Number of Books Under a Deadline. I still don't know how you do/did it. You have a clone, don't you?

    Caitlin--Grimm Blade? LOVE IT. We now have after school special gang names. :)

    Aimee--100 books? AND writing? I'm so impressed! How do you find time to write? That's amazing!

  7. Only so much time...

    Sounds like all the things you did instead of reading made you happy and a happy person writes well...actually...sad demented crazy people can spit out some pretty good stuff too!

    I don't know how people read so much while they are writing a book, especially if they have family and LIFE to attend to. I read like four books tops this past year.

    In the interest of supporting my Indie cohorts, I only plan on reading books by self-pubbed authors. Not sure how many I'll get to with Boy 2 due any day but I'll try!

  8. Good luck! I listen to audiobooks- otherwise I definitely wouldn't read as many books as I do.

  9. Ryan--I don't have a family (just a trusty dog!) and I *still* struggled to read more! With Baby #2 coming, that might be tough. But congrats on the new family addition!

    Juliana--Ohh... I didn't even think about these! I might have to get a verdict from Caitlin if audio books count. *considers upcoming 11-hr roadtrip to see family* Thanks for the idea!

  10. I was thinking about joining a reading challenge for next year and this is just the push I need! My reading has definitely suffered this year.

  11. YES! Audio books count!

    Adrianne- JOIN US.

  12. Really?! Audios count, too?! This challenge just got a whole lot brighter.

    Crap! Just realized (duh, took me a minute) that my holiday travels are BEFORE 2012 and ergo, don't count. Dang. Okay, will have to find new ways to include audio books, NEXT YEAR.

  13. Well, maybe about 25% of those were not read completely. If they weren't very good I stopped at the 50 page minimum. Most of them I finished though.

    And How I did it? I haven't done much of anything else in the last two months. I drag a book with me everywhere I go. I sometimes have one open in one hand while I'm making dinner with the other.

  14. i really wanted to be able to participate in the baker's dozen auction this year, but decided at the last moment to not submit anything, since my ms wasn't quite ready and i didn't want to stress myself just to get it in shape.
    in 2011 i made a goal of 55 books. I wasn't going to make it, but then in November i somehow managed to read 10 books (i know, it makes NO SENSE) which put me right on top of my goal. So i suppose for 2012 i'll have to up it a bit. Probably to 60 books.
    It's gonna be tough


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