Monday, June 17, 2013

Sarah, this is ALL your fault!

I blame Sarah Ahiers. I'd link to her blog like a good blogging friend, but seeing as it took 20 minutes and a random Act of Congress to remember how to log back in to my Blogger account, I'm rapidly running out of time.

Bah, I'm lame. Here's Sarah. You already know her, though.

Anyway, this isn't supposed to be about Sarah (no offense, dear friend!), but more about how I'm blaming her for something wild and crazy.

We went out to lunch two Sundays ago and were talking about finding the time to write, read, or just not work, which has been tough since starting my not-so-new job last November. I decided to try something ridiculous and I set my alarm for 5:15 am the next day. And then I did it the next day, and the day after that, and kept going until I strung together an entire week.

And then I did it again today. MADNESS, I TELL YOU!
By setting my alarm at this ungodly hour, I can get out of bed by 5:50 (and yes, it takes me that long to even hear the music. I've NEVER claimed to be a morning person but rather, a professional sleeper), and either out for a run or down at the dining room table with my writing stuff all ready to go, by 6am.

Last week, I ran 3 mi on Monday and 4 on Wednesday. But Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? Yeah, I wrote. And it was magical. It wasn't pretty and technically, I haven't really written anything, but I'm outlining, brainstorming, and getting the gears moving again, which is a good thing.

And it's about time.

Stay tuned. I might even do something totally insane, like blog more than once a quarter.
Ahiers, this is all your fault...


  1. Glad you are writing again!
    I get up between five and five-thirty every morning, but unfortunately it's just to go to work.

    1. SERIOUSLY! Alex! Do you ever sleep?!

      And hello!!

  2. Well, thank God for Ahiers then!! Because we've MISSED you girlie!!! Glad to hear you are back to writing and running...I'm still waiting to attend your book signing at a B&N in the near future! :-)

  3. wait, wait. Do you think there actually ARE professional sleepers? Because if so, I needs to get me some of that career.


  4. Another reason to love Sarah to pieces. THANK YOU SARAH! And I'm raising my hand to join the Association of Professional Sleepers.


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