Monday, October 29, 2012

Calm before the storm?

Is it poor form to make storm-related double entendres yet? Maybe. Possibly.
Whatever. I'm sticking with it.

(All jokes aside though, to all my east coast people--PLEASE, be safe. I'm totally land-locked and find myself continually refreshing CNN, fascinated by how powerful Mother Nature can be.)

On to my post...

It's that time of the year, my friends. That time when everyone's Twitter feed is besieged with random numbers and people are talking about "nano" and you may or may not know what the hell they're talking about.

Who am I kidding? I know you guys who read my blog. You all know NaNo. Heck, you're probably doing it too this year.

National Novel Writing Month starts on Thursday.
My new big pimpin' job* starts on Wednesday.

What's that? A new job, you ask? Exciting, right? I got a new job as an analyst (cue gigglesnorts at such a technical sounding job) and start on Wednesday. So much for all that free time during my work day that got me through the past three NaNo years...

So, this 30-day insanity is right around the corner. I've decided to do a full re-write of my 2010 NaNo. I made this decision about a week ago. I'm really good at last minute stuff.

Since deciding on my story, I created a much more manageable outline and have cut some plot lines that were simply too confusing. I feel like I'm possibly copping out by doing that, but sometimes, you just have to make your story the easiest to understand. The K.I.S.S. motif and all that jazz.

But right now, I'm feeling a touch nervous. It's probably 90% due to starting a new job and all the craziness that comes with a big change. I have to admit that I'm nervous about writing this story though.  Have I done enough planning? Is my outline solid? Are my characters legit? I'm second guessing everything, but I think I do this every year.

So, I'm going on faith. I know how to hit 50K. Heck, I know how to hit 50K before Thanksgiving. I'll be okay. I know this story SO well. I can do this.

Tonight I will read over my outline and make any last minute additions/changes. And then I'm going to start my new job on Halloween. And the day after that?

That day, I shall write.

(*With my first fancy paycheck, I'm buying Jay-Z's greatest hits. You heard it here first, folks.)


  1. NaNo just might be the anchor that keeps you sane!
    Good luck with the new job and congratulations.

  2. You really do like drama! Last year I think you took a trip to Ireland right in the middle of NaNo.

    And yet...I know you'll make it to the end somehow. Congrats on the new job too. :))

  3. Hey! I'm an analyst too! HIGH FIVE FOR ANALYSTS!!!
    We are going to kick NaNo 2012 ass!!

  4. Good luck with the new job - hope your first day was awesome! And enjoy NaNo. ;)

  5. Good luck with Nano and the new job!

  6. Good luck on the pimp new job :-) I'll be NaNoing with you. I can't wait. I've already got my booth picked out at the restaurant I'll be writing at all month. They are open until like 3am so I like it alittle more than my coffee shop for NaNo, which closes at 10pm. And who finishes writing on a NaNo night at 10pm?!?

  7. Oh wow, nothing like crazy timing for starting a new job and NaNoWriMo together!!! But looks like from your word count (We buddied up last year) you are doing just fine with NaNo so far. I always start with the same insecurities and sense of not being adequately prepared, too. And as a result, I end up slashing big chunks of NaNo first drafts, but its still worth it. And hey, I just finished my outline today!! - day four of NaNo (and I totally included it in my word count. Its original writing, after all - just in bullet form instead of complete sentences!

  8. As nuts as it sounds, I'm clinging to NaNo like a life raft. It's the only "normal" thing in my life right now. :)

  9. I'm not cut out for NaNo (or, at least, my amount of free time isn't), but I'm still very excited for all my friends. So best of luck, Tricia!


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