Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNo update and a little thing called vacation

So, nano'ers, how's it going? How do you feel now eight days into the month? How's the word count coming along?

I won't lie, my word count is crazy high. I pulled something like 17K+ words out of my brain from Friday night through Sunday. It was intense and awesome and so much fun. And my brain is still in recovery mode. I left my MC just as she was kidnapped and for now, that's a good place to leave her since I'm not too sure how she's getting out. I guess I'll figure that out later.

I really do believe the only way I was able to push out 17K words over the weekend was through Twitter. I've had an account for a while but never really knew what to do or how to use it. You can even ask Sommer Leigh. I had to email her to figure out hashtags because I wasn't quite sure if I was going to use them right or not. Now, I simply don't care. I have writer friends. I can reach them. They can reach me. And we challenged each other. A lot.

I never in a million years thought I'd say this, but I don't know how I would've done this without Twitter. Gah! I'm becoming one of those people! Sorry, friends!

Anyway, I should be participating in a word sprint right now, but have I mentioned my brain is mush? Yeah, NaNo and pounds of M&Ms will do that to a girl. Plus there's a little thing called "OhmygodI'mgoingtoIreland" vacation to stress over.

So this is where I leave you, but only for a few days. I have to take off my blogging hat and focus instead on reaching my 50K goal and enjoying the heck out of my vacation. I should be back online around Thanksgiving. I do believe this will be a good time for me to share some things I'm thankful for and ways in which I realize I am truly blessed.

So this is not goodbye. Instead, it's more of a "I'll see you in a few weeks" announcement. Unless, of course, I blog before then.

Happy NaNoing to all who are participating. And a special thank you, again, to my phenomenal guest bloggers the past two weeks. Your posts were excellent and I am now officially indebted.


  1. have fun in Ireland! lovin' the high word count you've got going on!!! make sure you blog about your vaca once you get back!

  2. Have a great time on your vacation. Soak it all in...and take lots and lots of pictures.

    And, WOW, congrats on that word count. Amazing numbers!

  3. 17K in 3 days? With a Twitter distraction? Holy smokes! I'm at 17K, too, but it took me all week. I want to do it again this week, so the rest of the month is a measley 1000 words a day... or sumpin...

    Great job! (I love a WriMo)

  4. I saw your wordcount zooming and i was all "look at her go! DAYM!"
    Have so much super fun in ireland!!!!

  5. PS: I'll work on the dancing Cornish hen's video. haha. I don't know when I'll cook them -- maybe this weekend? ;D

  6. When you get there, raise a pint and celebrate a job well done!

  7. Yay Twitter and yay awesome word count!

  8. 17k in one weekend, wow. You are killing it. You deserve time off.

  9. Thanks, everyone! The word count absolutely surprised me as well. I realized that if I really dial in, put on headphones, and go for an hour solid, I can push out just over 2K words. Sure, I'll cut half of them later, but hey, that's the point of nano, right?

    And yeah, I never thought I'd say it, but Twitter is kind of fun! Who knew?!

    Zeki--cornish game hen videos! I can't wait!

  10. I'm so going to miss you while you're away! Be careful but have lots of fun and we'll save you a seat in the Twitterverse!

    Also, I love your emails, even when they are like "What is up with these hashtags??!?" :-) I did not think everything we did on Twitter last weekend would turn out to be so darn productive. Who knew?

  11. Nice going!!! I'm actually going really slow. Not sure what is up this year! But it's only the first week and a few days so I have hope :D

  12. Oh my gosh, I so understand how you feel! I'm taking a lift for Montreal tongiht, because tomorrow morning I'm leaving with my friend and flatmate and fellow ML, chomsky-rabbit, for ATLANTA. We're off to meet some of the most kick-ass and amazing MLs in all the NaNo-verse! SO EXCITED.

    I was surprised at the twitter too! I started mine a wee bit after NaNo last year, so I had no idea how good it was. And I never expected you guys to tweet me things like "hey, I have more words, neener-neener". It brought the competition in me out.

  13. Awesome with the word count! I'm doing NaNo too and so far my pace has me set to finish before Thanksgiving--which will be great.
    Have fun in Ireland (one of my favorite places!!) and happy writing.

  14. Yay Ireland! I bet it'll give you some great inspiration for your return. Enjoy!!


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